I finally got my furniture. Yes, it came 30 days beyond when the moving company said it would arrive leaving me to sleep on an aerobed for a month (thank you Kevon & Annie). Other than a bit of a sore back, this has been an incredible time of discovery. My mood has admittedly been up and down as I attempt to adjust to my new world. Overall, I have so much gratitude for my life here in Nashville so far. Voice and piano students seem to be falling out of the sky (who knew in a music city?) and I am grateful to God for the ability to use my gifts to support myself. Overall, I’m a happy gal! It seems like there was a life here waiting for me to discover.

The top 10 things I’ve learned so far: (1) the food is soooooooo amazing here, (2) everyone stays up late and I go to bed at like 9:00, (3) everyone co-writes songs here and I’ve only written 1 song with another person before, (4) liquor is like water to people here and I don’t really drink anymore (because it makes me feel sick all the time), (5) I have a sudden and constant need for my car, (6) everyone I meet seems to have a dog, (7) grad school requires lots of books, (8) the price of book has gone up since I was last in college, (9) shockingly, I can find gluten free food absolutely EVERYWHERE, (10) I think I forgot what running is.