2015 is here! My conversations with friends the past few days have surrounded reflections on the past year, new resolutions for the year ahead, and just a general celebration of life.

One thing on my heart tonight for the new year is the desire to conquer fear. I find that I am often held back by little tiny fears presenting themselves in a sneaky ways. For instance, I want to perform more shows this year but the truth is that I just get really nervous. The little tiny fear that I always have is that I’ve not prepared enough to perform more and that what I have going on is just not going to be “enough.”

This is basically a form of stage fright I experience that often comes out for me in excuses, “I don’t have time to do shows right now” or “I’m focusing more on writing and pitching songs.” The reality is that I get scared to share my music. I get afraid of what people will think of me and it’s easier not to perform and make excuses. Well, not this year!

Action Time! I’m pushing myself harder than before and setting a goal of 2 shows per month in Nashville, along with a midwest and westcoast summer tour with the release of my new acoustic album in June. That is over 30 performances across 12 states. This will be a nice push for my nerves and I hope to emerge victorious over stage fright and the excuses that follow my fear! But I am going to need your help to remind me that no how nervous I get, I can do this!

What are your little or big fears that hold you back? I encourage you to find the little things that hold you back this year and join with me in pushing yourself! Leave me a note and tell me what you are working on for 2015!!!