Anyone else feel really busy right now?

I can’t believe it is already April 22nd. Where has the year gone? I was posting a few videos this morning from my little mini gig last night and realized that I hadn’t sent out an actual blog update for a while now.

It is incredible that one year ago this week, I decided that I was going write in Nashville for “the summer.” Amazing that so much time has already passed and know I’ve been living here for just shy of a year.

So, what’s new with you?

For me, well everything still feels new! A little snapshot for you: school, music teaching, co-writing & performing.

This is my last week of grad school for the quarter so I am finishing up a research proposal. I am pretty excited about it actually, because I am a total nerd. And of course, I am a perfectionist, so it is taking me FOREVER to write. It seems like all my classmates write so much faster than me and are done already. Teehee.

My day job is still teaching private music lessons and I am LOVING it (and it constantly surprises me that I am surprised I love it “duh,” I’ve been teaching music part time for 13 years now). I have 18 students and thank God for that blessing of income every day. We are having our end of the year recital at a candy shop in Nashville ( in May. And I am super excited to mix ice cream and candy with the music of kids!

I am co-writing music with other Nashville writers 2-4 times per week and am learning a ton. I am hoping to release another little 6 song album this summer but it’s expensive so I’m saving up my dollars (If you have lots of money, let me know if you want to be my patron! I have tons of new stuff, but can’t afford to record them)!

Lastly, I am really trying to work through some of my performance anxiety by just getting out there and playing more– And it’s really starting to be more fun:-) A BIG SMILE and a deep big breath. At the end of the day, I really do just love getting out there and singing my heart out. Above you can click the picture to see a little Lady Antebellum cover I did last night for fun (key message being…FUN)!

That’s me… I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a note and tell me what you are up to!