It’s snowing again in Nashville today! Every time it snows in the south, it reminds me of how hardcore my Minnesota upbringing really was. All my music students are a twitter that they get the day off. A “snow day” for a half inch of snow? Really Nashville?!

Then again, there is nothing like a snow day in Nashville because everyone just stops to enjoy it! As a result, I think I might enjoy a good snow more now than I ever did while living in the tundra of the deep north! The possibility of snow here, brings with it, the opportunity to play, to sleep, to write, to breathe, and heaven forbid… to throw a snowball or two!

Today, as I enjoy the beautiful white fluff that glistens outside my window, I continue editing my book to be released in late April (10 Reasons Your Kids Don’t Practice Their Music: And What to Do About It). This has been a process that has kept me relatively quiet and reflective these past months. As I’ve toiled away, typing each word with care, my world has been a bit on hold to get this work finished. Today proves no exception, however, if it doesn’t let up I might just have to pull a “Nashville” and trade in my typewriter for sled!

Raise your tea cup or coffee mug to a snow day and a big deep breath! The best day to you, be it snowy or warm, take a moment to find your joy in it.