The Inspiration of Sound

As long I can remember, I’ve always had a song in my heart. Music is innately part of me, the sound coloring every part of my day with something magical and alive. People always ask me what style of music I play. I’ve always found that a very hard question to answer because it changes from season to season. To me the process of creating music is about the exploration of sound. I become entranced with certain sounds and then I carry those influences with me forever: the sounds of the symphony, the woods by my house, the opera, a southern front porch on a Sunday afternoon, the coffee shops in Portland, the oceanic sounds of the western seaboard, the cold timbre of winter in Minnesota, the splash of musical theatre, the soccer field, the city, the radio, the quite books I read and the very loud birds outside my window. It is all music to me.

Erin Pearson Photo