What is a wifferdill you ask? Wiktionary defines a wifferdill as an an aerobatic manoeuvr in aviation in which an aircraft makes a series of very tight turns in order to reverse its direction of travel. My dad is a pilot. He loves big planes and little planes alike. He and my mom are considering getting a retirement property at a airpark. An airpark is a little community where pilots buy their patch of dirt around a runway. They build houses and hangers and drive their planes right across the lawn to the runway. Spending my summer here in Nashville, my dad and I have been tracing all over the state looking at these random little airparks within 2 hours of Nashville (we are up to 7 now).

But there is no airpark like Wifferdill. Our new buddy, ole man Ray, showed us around this place for 5 hours in one of his hot rods that he personally manufactured. Yes, 5 hours. What do you do on a piece of land for 5 hours, you ask? You tell crazy old stories that only the personal pilot of all the great country stars would know. You look at 3 semis, 20 cars vintage cars and 5 planes he’s working on. As well as Red Lane’s D9 that he turned into a house (long story). I have never had another experience like my afternoon here with my dad and ole man Ray. #goodbluesinspiration #photoshootmaterial #iwillbeback #dadventures